Chris Breinl

Producer / Bass / Voice

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Chris is an alternative pop artist based in Dublin, Ireland, known by the stage name Separator. His sound is characterized by its highly textural, cinematic, and melodic qualities, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres.


From introspective melodies to a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, Separator’s music takes on a unique persona as a solo musician. Influenced by artists like Radiohead, Bon Iver, and Sufjan Stevens, Chris combines genres and aesthetics to create a captivating and forward-thinking musical blend.


In 2021, Separator released his debut album, “The Static Speaks My Name,” which showcases his innovative sound and distinctive approach to songwriting and production. The album is heavily influenced by electronic music, featuring tracks such as “Thin Sleeves,” “Numb_Days,” and “Hollow Earth.”


In addition to his studio recordings, Separator is known for his mesmerizing live performances and dynamic stage presence. His upcoming EP, scheduled for an early summer release, draws inspiration from singer-songwriters like Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith. The EP delves into contemplations on the human condition, exploring themes of loss, grief, and hope.


Chris’s approach to music goes beyond composition and recording, encompassing the intricate art of crafting interconnected poetry, imagery, and occasional cross-references within his work. With his unique musical style and compelling stage energy, Separator continuously pushes boundaries and establishes himself as a prominent figure in the alternative pop scene. His music has the power to completely immerse listeners, enveloping them in a captivating journey of emotions.

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